Software is our passion

At PH3, we take pride in tackling some of the most challenging software engineering projects and making them look simple.
Our expertise covers those aspects where others fear to tread: performance-oriented data structures, system-level tools, compiler analysis, realtime rendering, accelerator computing and parallel algorithms.

Software Development

From implementing novel performance-critical algorithms to porting complete applications to new architectures, our highly experienced and skilled team is ready to create the software you need - or take your existing product to the next level.

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Technology Consulting

Regardless of whether you are faced with a new type of development challenge, need to tune or parallelize a heavy-duty workload, or simply seek an external perspective on a refactoring job, our technical consulting services scale with your requirements.

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We offer both highly specialized training programs designed specifically for your requirements as well as more general courses and seminars on performance-oriented programming and parallelization, which can be booked on short notice.

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