Software Development

PH3 offers full software development and support services, over a broad range of application scales and use cases.

Common PH3 software development services typically cover:

Frequently, development activities are accompanied by initial technology consulting services and may be followed by training and/or knowledge transfer seminars.

Technology Consulting

With core engineering experience across crucial disciplines, PH3 technology consulting aids you in making the best decisions for your software development projects.

Our consulting services are always customized to your needs, and often include:

Depending on your requirements, PH3 technology consulting can range from rapid analysis and reporting on your software to long-term refactoring and tuning support.


PH3 has in-depth experience in education and training, and can offer both laser-focused technology coaching as well as broadly applicable seminars.

Choose from various training packages:

If you are undertaking a new development challenge and want to gain a better understanding of the state of the art, our training services offer the solution you are looking for.