We are PH3

PH3 was founded by its three co-owners in 2018, after combined decades of experience in software development, parallelization, optimization, porting and algorithm design.

Our goal is to support companies whenever they hit their most challenging software engineering problems, need to familiarize themselves with new technology -- or simply require a high-quality implementation of an algorithm, feature or complete project.

Philipp Gschwandtner, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Almost 10 years working in the high performance computing community, Philipp has gained substantial knowledge in parallelization and optimization methods and tools. During his PhD studies, he focused on performance and energy analysis and optimization, collaborated with numerous international application groups and worked in multiple supercomputing centers. He co-organized several training courses and remains active at the front-line of parallelism technologies.

Herbert Jordan, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Driven by his interest in the theoretical aspects of computer science, Herbert has accumulated a vast knowledge of algorithms, data structures, methodologies, and design principles. By contributing to and coordinating successful international research and industry projects, he repeatedly demonstrated his solid ability to turn his theoretical knowledge into practical solutions, tackling problems ranging from usability issues, over design complexity hurdles, to substantial performance obstacles.

Dr. Peter Thoman

Chief Technology Officer

After completing his degree focusing on compiler-assisted parallel runtime systems, Peter has led core technical workpackages in several successful international research projects.
He has also worked independently in performance and parallelism consulting for industry partners, created multiple highly successful workshops and courses covering cutting-edge technology, and completed ambitious porting tasks with game development companies.


Hear from our previous customers, employers and project partners.
Peter absolutely earns his reputation as THE gold-standard when it comes to PC Gaming -- and it's a nice bonus that he's also such a pleasure to work with.
Mark MacDonald, VP of Production, Enhance Games
Philipp demonstrated an excellent ability to quickly grasp complex problems related to applying PDE based models to real-world problems. He worked closely with the IBM team to implement an efficient solution that provided advanced algorithmic features at acceptable simulation time by fully exploiting HPC capabilities.
Fearghal O'Donncha, Research Scientist, IBM Ireland
On two separate occasions where the originally contracted team had essentially stated it was impossible to increase the performance any further, Peter was able to optimize the titles significantly with barely any support or additional tools. I was impressed by his professionalism and responsiveness.
Ken Berry, Executive Vice President, Xseed Games
Philipp's excellent skills in both computer science and numerical methods made him an excellent consultant for our project.
Erwin Laure, Director of PDC Center for HPC,
KTH Stockholm
In our work together, Herbert has demonstrated outstanding abilities to invent, adapt and tune concurrent algorithms and data-structures for performance critical applications.
Bernhard Scholz, Associate Professor,
University of Sydney
While working with me Dr. Gschwandtner combined his strong skillset with dedication, rigour in his research, passion for discovery, commitment to quality and utmost integrity.
Dimitrios S Nikolopoulos, Director of ECIT,
Queen's University Belfast